Solutions and services

Embroidery is the process of stitching your design onto a garment, using state of the art machinery.


The procedure involves first converting your text or logo into a Stitch Pattern, which makes it suitable for the embroidery machines. Some other companies charge a fortune for this, but at Witney Tees we'll usually include this in our unit costs, or for smaller orders it is typically just £20.00.


Embroidery works best on smaller logos - usually anything up to 150mm wide. Larger patterns can be produced but due to the increased amount of stitches this can significantly increase the costs.


This procedure is highly recommended for Work and Sports wear, including Polos, Sweats, Hoodies, Workshirts, Teamwear etc. It is more economical than printing for orders of 20+ garments.


The most popular position for your logo is left chest. We can also position your logo on the centre chest, arm, sleeve, rear collar and top of back. In fact it can be anywhere you like!


We can embroider Tees but these often look better when Printed.