Garment Printing

Witney Tees are your best option for Printed T-shirts and garments in Witney and Oxfordshire.


We use various methods of printing onto garments - the choice depends on the quantity required, how many colours you require, and whether each garment needs to be different:


Screen Printing

This is the traditional method using ink and is ideal for one or two colours on multiple garments. Great for band t-shirts, promotional giveaways and the like. There is a small cost to create the Screen, so this method is better suited for runs of 20+.


Flex Printing

This method uses a computer to cut bespoke letters and text, as well as shapes and logos. We have a massive range of colours and patterns available, including glitter, sparkle, snakeskin, metalics. This method is great for smaller runs, and variable printing - like stag and hen tees, holiday tees, hoodies etc.


Transfer Printing

Similar to the old 'iron-on' decals of the past, but of much higher quality. These are perfect for putting full-colour photos onto your garments - whether a one-off birthday present or a sponsors logo onto some footy tops.